In the wake of The Great Resignation, companies face critical decisions about new hiring and retention. How do you make job offers for your technical roles that will engage your new team members and instill trust in your organization? What benefits are IT candidates looking for in 2022? Let’s look at the top trends in benefits and professional talent acquisition services that can help you find and keep top talent.


Competitive Pay

The most critical factor in today’s job market is competitive pay. With inflation and the rising cost of living, it’s imperative that new IT talent is paid fairly. You can work with professional talent acquisition solutions to learn more about the competitive salaries in your area. Or you can research online with websites such as


Work from Home or Flexible Schedules

As the pandemic shut down non-essential services and companies quickly transitioned to remote work, we learned a valuable lesson. Productivity was not negatively impacted, and employees were more engaged than ever before. If you’re not able to offer work from home, hybrid, or flexible schedules, talent will find companies that do.



Health insurance has always been a baseline for employee benefits, but health insurance is not an uncomplicated issue. Providing sound and specifically affordable healthcare plans to incoming talent will help them decide to accept the position. Information technology staffing and recruiting services can provide insight into what IT candidates want.


Wellness Programs

In the last two years, we also learned that stress and anxiety levels reached an all-time high. Companies that recognize their employees as complete people who integrate work and life, not just balance is, will be better at attracting talent. Providing mental well-being resources, such as relaxation opportunities or access to online therapy, can make a massive difference in technical recruiting and placement services.


Family Leave

There is also an essential conversation about family leave and what that means. Parental leave is not federally mandated, but companies can choose to provide programs for employees. And non-parents

are also looking for equity in this department. Paid leave to take care of any family member, including spouses or parents, should be considered in the family leave package.


Information Technology Staffing and Recruiting Services

You don’t have to do it alone. Partnering with CornerStone Professional Talent Acquisition Solutions can provide access to recruitment resources for hiring top IT talent and retention.

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