Employee retention and satisfaction are critical factors for onboarding. But training is also about ensuring that your employees are engaged, knowledgable, and thriving in the workplace. How should you develop your customer service training program to ensure everyone on your team has the tools they need to succeed? Here are some ways you can train your team that won’t make them feel like snoozing.

Culture Training and Company Values

It’s important to remember that a critical factor in employee success is understanding the company culture. Use onboarding to get your new team on board with shared values and feel a sense of belonging. This can be done in several ways, including some exercises below. But make sure your company culture comes through in everything you do.

Personality Assessments

Everyone has a different style of communication. And when you, and your team, understand these differences, you can lean into strengths and become better at daily customer service. Start by doing personality assessments that help your team know where they fall on the communication spectrum to learn the best ways to interact with customers.

Thank You Notes

Positive engagement goes a long way toward learning. Have your employees write themselves a thank you note from a satisfied customer’s perspective during your training. This puts them in the customer’s shoes to understand their specific communication style to put someone at ease and solve a customer’s problem.

Listening Exercises

The vast majority of customer service calls are an exercise in listening. Focus a lot of your training on active listening skills. You can do this by separating your team into groups and having everyone share detailed information. Then allow the listening members to repeat back what they’ve heard.


While it sounds old-school, role-playing is tried and true. The success of this exercise is in the execution. Split your group into teams of two and provide them with bullets for both the customer service representative and the consumer. Allow them to see how to fix roadblocks in real-time to handle calls effectively.

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