There has been a lot of talk of a potential recession this year for a while now. As a job seeker, how do you prepare for this possibility? Whether a recession is inevitable is a matter for economists, but you can take some time to recession-proof your job search. Here are the skills you can learn or sharpen to make you a desirable candidate, even when companies might be tightening their belts.

How to showcase yourself as a recession-proof candidate:

Transferrable Skills

To ensure that you can land on your feet, focusing on your transferable skills will be critical for your future employment opportunities. Transferable skills are the kinds of skills that you can bring from one industry to another. If your current industry faces economic problems, you can find another role by developing skills to benefit a new sector.

Communication Skills

Strong communication skills will always be desirable for future employers. Continually hone your skills to improve face-to-face, telephone, written, email,  and even text communication. The ability to communicate clearly and effectively also has roots in empathy and self-awareness, so work on these things in your career.


You don’t have to be in management to demonstrate good leadership skills. Leaders naturally take on roles to motivate and encourage the people around them. While you can transition into a supervisory position with these skills, simply showcasing them as you advance your career will show how you can be a team player.


Often this is referred to as “being a self-starter.” That means you can motivate yourself and are willing to take the initiative. You don’t need someone else to permit you or tell you what or how to do a task. You’re eager to try new things and explore other ways to learn and be productive.


Companies are always looking for people with discipline or a strong work ethic. They want to work with someone who doesn’t need to be hand-held through the employment process. If you can demonstrate professional discipline, you will have many opportunities as you search for another role.

Safe Industries

Outside of your experience and skills, one thing to consider is looking for jobs within industries deemed safe in a recession. Careers in healthcare and technology are often regarded as recession-proof. Other sectors include utilities, transportation, and communication. Consider these things when expanding your skills and looking for new opportunities.

Do you want to recession-proof your career?

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