With older millennials entering their mid-career, it’s time to look at the new era of entry-level employees. Generation Z is now entering the workforce, and it’s time to attract them through the doors. What is Gen Z looking for in an employer? How can Phoenix area employers provide what they want? Here are some ideas to help you attract Gen Z.

Alignment with Values

One of the biggest draws for Generation Z is whether a company aligns with its values. Work that matters is a top priority, and this generation would rather pass up an opportunity than compromise their values. Be transparent about your company culture and how you give back to the community in the course of your business.

Flexibility in Schedules

Work/Life balance has been a buzzword for over a decade, but the pandemic really focused on the imbalance. As companies were forced to shift to work-from-home arrangements, employees found that they were more productive and flexible during the day. This is the only working world Gen Z has ever known, and they aren’t inclined to revert to over 40-hour a week in-office jobs.

Competitive Salary and Benefits

While money has always been necessary for job seekers, Gen Z is entering the market knowing their worth and understanding the economic realities of our current era. They want to be paid a living wage and are willing to keep looking until they find someone who will. Ensure that your positions, including entry-level, are paying a competitive salary and offer a good benefits package.

Commitment to Diversity

According to a recent employment survey, 81% of employees say they would leave a job if the company didn’t commit to DEI. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are paramount for this generation, who want to ensure everyone has a seat at the table. Focusing on DEI will be vital to attracting younger employees to your company.

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