The pandemic put a lot of things into focus. As lives were upended and work and school transitioned into the home, women were again at the forefront of these massive changes. Many faced a need to completely reposition themselves, often leaving the workplace to become full-time caregivers. But the gender gap and gender inequality have been a part of the workplace long before COVID shined a spotlight on it. What can managers do to promote a diverse and inclusive workplace?

Focus On Diversity in Hiring Process

Closing the gender gap starts with hiring a more diverse group of candidates. Strive to eliminate unconscious bias when hiring new candidates, source from diverse talent pools, and make your job postings gender-neutral to ensure more qualified women feel comfortable applying.

Develop Programs for Fair Compensation and Development

The gender pay gap, while slowly closing, is still a significant problem for women in the workplace. Equal Pay Day represents how much longer a woman needs to work to earn as much as a man in the same position. Women currently earn around 82 cents on the dollar, and it takes 42 additional days to make the same salary. And women of color are even more affected. Create an equitable compensation plan paying for the position, not the candidate.

Offer Flexible and Supportive Workplace Arrangements

Women are disproportionally affected by caregiving. Whether it’s children or aging parents, women are more likely to leave the workforce than their male counterparts when they need to care for a family member, providing more flex time and supportive workplace arrangements, including family leave, can even play the field for everyone.

Create Diversity Training Programs

Closing the gender gap in the workplace is only possible if women don’t feel bothered by coworkers. You’ll need to provide training on what is and is not acceptable behavior in your company. Employees need to be made aware and given the tools to be allies in the workplace. Ensure your management team is equipped with the tools to step in when necessary.

Emphasize Equity in Company Culture

It’s also essential that your company has a culture that makes everyone feel welcome and included. Invite all your employees to the table, listen to their concerns, act on them, and follow through on harassment or bullying. Inclusivity also drives innovation and the success of an organization.

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