In the healthcare sector, the race to hire the best candidates can often feel simultaneously like a marathon, an obstacle course and a sprint. In order to cross the finish line ahead of their competitors, staffing professionals must apply consistent effort and determination, navigate an ever-changing compliance landscape and display bursts of speed in the final moments. However, even the most well-prepared athletes sometimes miss out on the top spot, and the same is true when it comes to healthcare staffing. So, if you want to beat the odds and ensure that you attract the best candidates, stop relying on your track record or training and start optimizing every part of your candidate pipeline with the help of the latest tech tools.

Optimizing candidate sourcing and screening. To access the cream of the crop in the increasingly scarce field of healthcare talent, you need to take every opportunity to get a head start. By utilizing AI-powered applicant tracking systems (ATS) and leveraging data analytics, you can increase the capacity of your team and enable them to identify the most promising candidates more quickly. Integrating artificial intelligence into your workflow is now a gold standard in the industry, as the technology can be deployed to analyze candidate profiles and format their CVs. This time and resource saved here can then be redistributed and used to build relationships with the candidates identified.

Personalized candidate experience. Once you’ve connected with the candidates, you need to keep them engaged so they don’t jump ship to your competition. To achieve this at scale, AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants can be implemented to provide instant responses to candidate queries, guide them through the application process, and provide updates on their progression through the hiring and onboarding pipeline. These automated systems can offer a personalized touch, ensuring candidates feel valued and supported, leading to a positive impression of the organization. For example, Paradox’s conversational recruiting software promises to “take candidates from hello to hired faster than ever.”

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Streamline and automate onboarding processes. No one likes being kept waiting, and healthcare candidates who come up against time-consuming and effort-intensive onboarding and credential-checking processes will quickly frustrate even the most patient employee. However, by implementing end-to-end digital onboarding software, such as the Credentially platform, healthcare staffing professionals can alleviate the burden on the new hires and on their administrative teams while ensuring a faster and more accurate processing of candidates. By harnessing the power of AI and intelligent automation, the right software can facilitate the automated submission of required documents and certifications, eliminating paperwork for good. It can also eliminate the onerous process of chasing candidate references, replacing human-generated emails and calls with automated reminders and chase emails. Furthermore, it can intelligently cross-reference and synchronize the provided information with relevant databases, swiftly identifying any instances of qualification non-compliance. Timely reminders are sent to ensure uninterrupted compliance throughout the employment period, reducing the risk of human error and costly incidences of non-compliance.

By integrating this technology with your existing customer relationship management (CRM) software, information duplication becomes a thing of the past. Manual data entry into multiple systems becomes unnecessary, enabling a seamless transfer of information and eliminating the associated time-consuming tasks. This integration optimizes efficiency and accuracy, freeing up hundreds of hours of organizational capacity and significantly widening profit margins for staffing organizations.

Leveraging predictive analytics for cultural fit. Finding candidates who align with the organization’s culture and values is essential for long-term success. Predictive analytics can help identify candidates who are likely to fit well within the healthcare organization. By analyzing data from personality assessments, work history and employee feedback, AI algorithms can generate insights into the likelihood that a candidate will thrive in a role. Staffing professionals can leverage this information to make more informed hiring decisions and increase the chances of retaining top talent.

There are clearly no shortcuts to winning the healthcare talent race. However, by embracing purpose-built tech tools and softwares, you can gain that crucial competitive advantage without breaking the bank. Don’t let your competitors overtake you and pip you to the finishing post — take action today to accelerate and streamline your candidate pipeline and help your clients build stronger, successful healthcare teams.

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