The job market is always complicated, and it seems like the pandemic made it even more complex. When looking for your next job, you may want to apply for as many opportunities as possible. But does that mean you can apply to multiple positions within the same company? Here are some of the benefits and risks of sending multiple applications to different roles within the same organization.

Name Recognition

It’s possible that if you apply to more than one job, you’ll achieve name recognition. This could be very positive as people will remember your background and interest level. It can also become challenging when hiring managers start to feel like they’re being overwhelmed with one name only during the hiring process. Use this idea sparingly and don’t flood the application process.

Bad First Impression

You also have to pick how and when you send your resume to another job posting at the same company. If you’ve had a hostile situation with a hiring manager in the past, it may not be a good idea to try your luck at resubmitting. Management teams talk, and they may not provide a glowing recommendation. If you still believe it’s in your best interest, address it directly in your cover letter by letting them know you applied in the past, and it wasn’t a good fit at the time, but here’s why things have changed.

80% Rule

If you sit down to multiple positions at the same company, consider the 80% rule. Review all job descriptions and only apply to the jobs where you have at least 80% of the required experience. However, make sure that you’re meeting at least 80% of the hard skill requirements before submitting your resume for consideration.


Submitting your resume to multiple positions in the company could lead to uncertainty among the hiring managers. If it feels like spam to them, you won’t be considered for any openings. Instead, make sure that you provide a cover letter that describes why you’re interested and even discloses that you’ve also applied to other opportunities and why.

What To Do Instead

If you’re coming across this situation in your job search, it might be time to take a step back and consider other options. Applying with a recruiter might help you find more appropriate positions that better match all your qualifications. Your recruiter becomes your advocate in the process, giving you a better shot and landing an interview and an offer.

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