What can set you apart from your competition when looking for your next job? Leadership skills are among the top desired traits of new employees, so how can you cultivate these skills? You can include a few things on your resume to ensure that you’re noticed for your leadership skills and land your next job.

Communication Skills

Effectively communicating with people at all levels of business is critical for leaders. You should cultivate the ability to speak with managers higher than you and all levels of employees. Focus on formal written communication, such as emails or letters, text-based and instant messenger communication, in-person communication, and over the phone.

Delegating Tasks

Leaders are not the people who feel “if you have to have it done right, do it yourself.” They recognize that every team member has valuable skills and knows when and how to delegate tasks to others. You also need to know when to follow up and pitch in when additional help is necessary.

Conflict Resolutions

Things can become confrontational whenever you have more than two people in a workplace. With a lot of different personalities, some will likely clash. As a leader, it’s up to you to provide the proper levels of conflict resolution to help your team work out their issues productively.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Good leaders know how to give and receive feedback. They provide constructive criticism to improve performance, positive acknowledgment, and praise. They will also listen to employees who offer feedback and take action to improve their behavior or rectify workplace problems.

Time Management

Organizing your time is also a key indicator of solid leadership skills. Time management is about knowing how long a project should take and breaking it up into tasks to accomplish the goal. You have to avoid procrastinating and ensure that you’re staying on track and that your team can make your deliverable date on time.


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