For a long time, mental health carried a stigma that caused us not to talk about it. Not shedding light on the topic meant many people had to suffer in the darkness. Even before the pandemic, we began talking more openly about mental illness, and the overwhelming stress and anxiety caused by COVID-19 put it directly in the spotlight. May is mental health awareness month, so now is the perfect time for employers and staffing agencies in Tempe to develop ideas to reduce employee stress. Here are a few tips to get you started.


Understand the Signs of Stress and Burnout for Tempe, AZ Employees

It’s not uncommon to see a great employee start to flag when they’re feeling stressed. Maybe they begin taking additional unplanned time off. They might be moody and irritable while at the office. They start to arrive at work late. Their productivity flags, and they struggle to accept feedback even if they’ve never had that problem in the past. These are signs that your employee is experiencing stress, and it’s time to take positive action.


Provide Resources to Learn Active Coping and Relaxation

Many people don’t do anything about alleviating stress because they don’t feel they have access to the right resources or the time in the day to do it. As an employer, it’s up to you to provide your employees with easy-to-use tools that they can access right from the workplace. Provide webinars on stress management, relaxation and meditation classes, yoga, and resources for coping with stress and anxiety.


Create a Plan to Minimize Stressors on the Job

It’s also important that management understands that their expectations can play a role in employee stress. Pull back and give your team a better work/life balance. Take a look at the things employees say are top stressors such as salary, lack of advancement, heavy workload, long hours, and negativity in the workplace. If you need to hire more help to alleviate stress, talk to our job placement services in Tempe, AZ.


Offer Mental Wellness Benefits

For so long, our culture separated physical health and mental wellbeing. It has been historically difficult to find mental health support, and it’s often not covered by insurance, or the hoops to jump through are too complicated, especially for someone experiencing stress and anxiety. As an employer, you’re in a unique position to provide additional support. Offer mental wellness benefits as a part of your healthcare package, which could include access to the more readily available online mental health support portals.

Hire Top Talent in Tempe, AZ with CornerStone Staffing

With good management, better work/life balance, and an understanding of the importance of mental wellbeing in the office, you can hire top talent. Contact our employment agency in Tempe to learn more today.

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