It’s a difficult market for employers. With more open jobs than applicants, finding top talent for your positions can be challenging. But there are ways to increase your application rates and draw in qualified people who will be an excellent fit for your company. Here are more tips to boost your application rates in this challenging market.

Promote On Different Days

Have you noticed a pattern of when you typically publish a job posting? What is the response rate? Try mixing it up. Post your job on a different day. Most job seekers look for new opportunities early in the week so update your job listings on Tuesday morning to see if you get more responses.

Showcase Your Positive Employer Brand

Job seekers right now are looking for companies where they fit in, can make a difference, and have job satisfaction. You need to include your positive employer brand in everything you share. This can consist of short descriptions of your culture, happy employees’ posts, or video content to show what working with you looks like.

Update Your Company Career Page

One place that is often overlooked is the career page of your website. If this page is static, it isn’t going to send the right message to job seekers. The first thing job seekers do before they apply is review your website. If nothing is updated, they may think you’re out of touch. Regularly update the career page with new job postings, tips for successfully applying, and other information that will attract talent.

Utilize Video Content

They say content is king, and video is the most important content you can provide. More people watch videos online than reading blog posts or social media. Video is engaging and pulls people in. Create long-form videos for your website, post them on YouTube and share them on social media. You can also create Instagram Reels or TikTok short video content, which are very popular.

Optimize SEO on Job Descriptions

One possible problem attracting applicants is a lack of proper search engine optimization on your job postings. Everything that is published online is indexed using algorithms. These algorithms use keywords to push certain things to the top of search results. You won’t be seen if your descriptions don’t include the words that candidates are searching for.

Avoid Gimmicky Titles

Today’s job seekers are all about authenticity. They no longer respond to catchy phrases and gimmicky titles. Many of these titles might have gender bias and will specifically turn off prospective candidates. Instead of saying you need a technology guru or a customer service ninja, use the actual job title. This will also improve your SEO and how your job is shown in organic search results.

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